Our health is a lot like an onion. As you work to resolve one set of symptoms, others show up. As you resolve one issue, something different appears. It's not always logical or expected. 

Having a strategy for addressing your complex health situation creates the perfect conditions for long-lasting results

Your health is more than the way your body functions. It includes your diet, sleep habits, movement, spiritual practices, stress levels, and even your attitude.  A complete health strategy touches all of these areas, as each of them plays an important role in your total wellness.

When we work together to create a health strategy, we take a close look at your health history and your current lifestyle to see where you are right now. Your health strategy starts with identifying and eliminating what's causing your symptoms. Then we look to see where you need to rebuild your nutrient stores and the best ways for you to do that. Finally, we look at how we can create strong resilience so you don't end up going down this path again.

The first step is a Health Assessment. When we first start working together, we'll have an extended appointment. This is about 2 hours where we'll cover your health history and the symptoms that are concerning you right now. I'll give you some insights and suggestions you can start using right away.

Within 72 hours of our call, I will send your Personalized Healing Strategy report with detailed suggestions selected especially for you. The report covers six key areas - nutrition, sleep, movement, environment, stress, and connection.

After you've had a chance to review the report, we'll have a 30 minute follow up call so you have an opportunity to ask questions, get clarification, and feel confident in taking action toward healing yourself. We'll usually do this within 2 weeks after your Health Assessment.

As you work through your Healing Strategy, you get email support from me to address any of your questions or concerns. After you've been working on your strategy for 4-6 weeks, we'll have a Strategy Update Call where we'll make any tweaks you might need to your Healing Strategy.


If you would like to continue working together after your Health Strategy sessions, we can look at Session Bundles for ongoing sessions to work on your strategy. You can schedule sessions with me on a regular basis, if you're still having acute symptoms, or on an infrequent basis if you just want to keep your strategy updated.  

Working with me automatically enrolls you in my circle of Deeply Rooted clients. All my Deeply Rooted clients have access to my private online store with herbal teas, flower essences, and herbal remedies. My Deeply Rooted clients also have access to my growing online library of videos, seminars, and assessments. 

The Health Assessment Program is $400.

Health Assessment clients are accepted by application only. Because this is important work, I want to make sure that the two of us will connect well. This is your opportunity to interview me and find out if you think I'm the right herbalist for your situation. My Welcoming Wellness calls give you the chance to get comfortable with my style and expertise.

To schedule your Welcoming Wellness Call, click the button below to go directly to my calendar to select a date.

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Working with Lisa was the key to treating my Hashimoto’s. She’s great at uncovering the things even my doctors overlooked.
— Stefanie Martin
I was at the end of my options. My doctor didn’t know as much about my disease as I did. Lisa was able to look at my labs, listen to my story, and figured out that my diet was making my muscle weakness worse. With a small shift in what I eat, I’m having no weakness at all.
— Mary Anderson