I've created a free reminder system that will send you regular text message reminders to encourage you with your new habits. One of the reasons I hear most often why people struggle with new habits is because they get overwhelmed with the busy-ness of the day and just forget to keep up. Or, they get wrapped up in the impulse of urgency and just revert to old habit

These healthy habit reminders bring you tips, new research, and encouragement so you can keep your commitments to yourself and be able to show up for the people and things that matter the most

You choose the habit and how often you want a reminder, and these helpful emails will automatically pop into your inbox. With a happy reminder, you're more likely to keep up your new habits, make progress, and make the shift from sick to spectacular. 

These messages are like having little bits of my wisdom every day (or every week) to encourage and support you on your wellness journey. The journey is more fun and more successful when you have a partner, so let's get started!

These reminders cover four categories:

  • Movement/Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sleep/Fatigue
  • Stress Management

You can decide how often you want to receive these reminders - daily, 3 times a week, or weekly. 

You'll receive one message for each category you select. If you choose movement and sleep, you'll get two messages at your selected frequency. There's no limit to the messages you can receive, and you can stop them at any time by simply replying STOP to the text message.

And one more thing, I might from time to time send announcements about what is going on with my work. It won't be often, and it won't be spammy. 

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