Colorado Friends Salve

Colorado Friends Salve

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All my Colorado Herb Friends (plants, not people!) got together to have a talk about how they could help us feel better. I was eavesdropping on their conversation, and took a little wisdom from each herb friend and gathered them together in this rich salve. 

This salve contains my favorite Colorado herbs for soothing anything that makes you say “ouch!” With resinous buds of the tall cottonwoods, piñon pine sap, St. John’s Wort, Nettle Leaf, and pink roses, it has key herbs for supporting you when you’re achy and sore.

Adding thyme leaf and dandelion leaf to a blend of Rocky Mountain essential oils rounds off the list of herb friends gathered here to support your health and wellness. 

Colorado Friends Salve is the one you’ll grab for overworked muscles, cold-weather achiness, the irritation of insect bites, and the discomfort of mild burns (including sunburns).

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Ingredients: Coconut oil, castor bean oil, and emu oil infused with Cottonwood Buds, Pinon Pine Sap, St John's Wort, Nettle Leaf, Pink Rose Petals, Thyme Leaf, Dandelion Leaf and essential oils of Copaiba Balsam, Pinon Pine Sap, Helichrysum, Blue Spruce, and Douglas Fir, beeswax