Hawthorn Jelly - 4oz jar

Hawthorn Jelly - 4oz jar


Hawthorn is the archetypal herb for the heart.  Hawthorn grows as a small tree—a relative of roses, it blossoms beautifully in the spring, fruits small berries (called haws), and grows long thorns to deter anyone from taking of it’s autumn bounty.

The leaves and flowers have been used to strengthen the physical heart and circulation for centuries. The berries are used to warm the emotional heart. The cheery red color, warming flavor, and soothing feel all help to bring gladness to you and those you love.

Serve this jelly as a sauce for meat, as a topping for biscuits and toast, or with crackers for a festive appetizer.

Refrigerate after opening.


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Ingredients: Hawthorn berries, filtered water, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, fruit pectin

Note: this product is produced in a home kitchen that is not subject to inspection by the state of Colorado.