Holiday Hibiscus Tea

Holiday Hibiscus Tea


The holidays! Scents of spices fill the air. We look to warming foods and drinks to share with loved ones - this is perfect in a clear tea pot at your holiday meal. The cinnamon and orange help with digesting all those holiday yummies.

It's also perfect as a cozy cup to enjoy as you wind down for the night under a snuggly blanket. This calming ritual before bed helps you sleep more soundly and restores your energy.

This is the tea for those moments. It's flavored with cinnamon, orange, and rose to be festive and happy. Hibiscus flower makes it a cheery crimson shade. 

1 ounce bag makes 45 cups of naturally decaffeinated tea. Bag measures approximately 5"x7"

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Ingredients: Cinnamon, orange peel, rose petals, hibiscus flower