Marshmallow Spearmint Cold Water Tea

Marshmallow Spearmint Cold Water Tea


Need inspiration to drink more water? This is exactly what you need. Marshmallow and spearmint are nutrient rich herbs, but more than that, they make water interesting again. 

Marshmallow leaf is especially helpful in retaining the moisture from the water you're drinking. The soothing mucilage is moistening to your tissues, so you'll feel more refreshed.

Marshmallow is known by its Latin name, Althaea officinalis. Althaea means 'healer' and is a fitting herb for inspiring us to drink clean, nourishing water. 

Spearmint is a gentle, delicious herb that gives you a nutrient boost and a bit of a perky flavor to your water. Spearmint is calming and cooling and leaves you feeling ready to take on whatever challenges you face.

Just drop a tea bag in your water bottle in the morning, and refill it through the day. Discard the bag at the end of the day or when you want a stronger flavor. 

Each package contains 20 tea bags - enough for a month of weekdays.

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Ingredients: Organic Marshmallow leaf, organic spearmint leaf