Petite Fleurs Tea

Petite Fleurs Tea


Tea is such a wonderful ritual. From the moment you pick up the bag, you know this is going to be good. Flowers are the way plants share their beauty with the world, and this tea brings together the stunning blue of cornflower with the gentle ivory elderflower and the pale pink of heather. 

Enjoy the fragrant steam as you drink this tea. You'll be transported to a flower-filled meadow where you can relax and renew. Flowers warm our emotional heart, calm our active mind, and soothe our frustrations. Let this experience reset your mood so you're ready to get back to the day or ready to settle in for the evening. 

Naturally caffeine free.

Make your tea stronger or more demure to suit your mood. 1 ounce bag makes approximately 45 cups of tea. Bag is approximately 5"x7"

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Ingredients: Lemon balm, cornflower, elder flower, heather flower, hawthorn berry