My name is Lisa Akers

My clients are looking for a better way. They're busy women with demanding lives. They are on the go from the moment their feet hit the floor. And they silently struggle through each and every painful moment. They've tried every approach they can find and they're either not getting better or their treatment has unwanted side effects, or sometimes, they're just feeling hopeless about the future.

I believe that healing starts from where you are. No matter how long you've been struggling or how sick you are, there's still hope of making things better. Good health isn't about finding the right way, it's about finding the way that works for you.


My story

My story is probably a lot like yours. At 45, I was burned out from working long hours, struggling with frequent business travel, and trying to keep my family going. I was eating too much processed food, not listening to the symptoms I was feeling, like constipation, gas, joint pain, and insomnia.  I just chalked it all up to being tired and working too hard.  I figured it would all get better when that project ended.

It didn’t.  For three months after the project ended, I had daily migraines and joint pain so bad I couldn’t use my hands. On my husband’s birthday, I found myself in the ER with chest pain and frighteningly high blood pressure. My husband took our daughter to middle school orientation, and trusted that I’d be okay in the hands of the doctors (to be fair, I told him to do that so we could keep our daughter going, and I trusted the doctors, too). I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it.  I just knew I was one of those women who die at an early age from a heart attack.  I tried to think of all the things I needed to say to the people I loved. I didn’t even know how I was going to get home. After six hours with people who clearly thought I was an overreacting woman having a panic attack, they sent me home with some Xanax and suggested I ‘take it easy.’ Really?

I knew there was something wrong, but the ER doctors couldn’t find it.

For more than a year after that frightening night, I went to doctor after doctor trying to get a diagnosis, which was eventually determined to be mixed connective tissue disorder and celiac. Along the way, I found a skilled and caring herbalist who guided me on my journey and helped me find my way back to getting out of bed each morning without pain, enjoying a delicious meal without the awful digestive symptoms, and feeling energized throughout the day.

Under her mentoring, I took on my own study of herbalism and autoimmune disease at acclaimed herbal schools throughout the country. Now I am using those skills to work with people who are in the same place I was not all that long ago.  It’s my mission to point out the pitfalls and the struggles and make the journey a little easier and a lot more straightforward.

I understand the frustrations of not knowing, of not getting better, and feeling like no one is listening.

I’m committed to making sure my clients always feel heard, understand the why behind my suggestions, and are partners in mapping out their own healing strategy. More than that, I bring you hope for healing when nothing else works.


The Rest of the Story

When I'm not working with people to find their path to better health, I build spaceships. I get a (really) big box of parts, a few hundred pages of instructions, and a wish of good luck. I've spent almost three decades solving the complex problems of spaceflight. Each day is a new opportunity to get us closer to exploring worlds beyond our own. But, spaceships are build, launched, and then relegated to the halls of history.

Seeking a deeper connection, both to my own health and to the people in my community, I dedicated myself to learning all I could about plant medicine. I earned a Master Herbalist and Master Aromatherapist certification, and completed post-graduate training in clinical nutrition, autoimmune disease, and chronic inflammation.

It's an interesting balance - plants and space exploration - but the two of them keep me grounded and my soul nourished. In both pursuits, I'm doing my genius work of solving problems with complex systems and explaining the solutions so anyone can understand.

How can I connect with you?

I'm spreading my roots and looking for new connections. I'd love for you to tell me about your situation. If you're just looking for info, check out my case studies to learn more about how I work. Also be sure to check out my free resources page to see what I'm offering now.


We are born here, among the stars. We return here someday.