Planting your own herbal garden

It's so easy to grow many herbs that can support your good health.  Some of these herbs are considered weeds, so they may already be growing in your garden.  Here's a list of some great herbs that anyone can grow - even in pots on your windowsill.


Dandelion leaves make a lovely addition to a spring salad.  Pick them young and tender, as older leaves are bitter. The leaves are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium.  Toss them in with your other salad greens, or try them in combination with napa cabbage and an oil and vinegar dressing.  If you have an abundance of flowers (and I mean an abundance!!), you can turn those blossoms into wine and cookies! This link shares some great recipes.






Red Clover

Red clover is another easy to grow plant.  The beautiful blossoms can be harvested and used in delightful herbal teas.  The blossoms contain large amounts of coumarin, which is a blood thinner.  Please use caution when drinking any tea with clover blossoms in it.  Consult your physician if you think this is a concern for you.  The blossoms also are high in phytoestrogens, which can make menopause a little less uncomfortable.  I collect the blossoms and dry them on a screen frame and save for teas throughout the year.  Keep stored in a closed jar in a cool, dark place to maintain them the longest.




This culinary herb is useful in cooking as well as maintaining health.  Thyme tinctures have been shown to be more effective against acne.  This study was conducted in a lab and not on skin, but it is very promising for future use!  Cooking with thyme has a powerful immune system boost.










Raspberry plants are fully edible, but the leaves are a little tough and stringy to eat.  You all know how delicious the berries are in many recipes.  The leaves make a delightful tea.  Like dandelion, the leaves are rich in potassium and magnesium, but also has rich b-vitamin stores.  This means teas are helpful to ease nausea, leg cramps, or aid sleep.  The leaves also have a high vitamin C content, making raspberry leaf tea great for energy drinks and immune boosting.  Other sources suggest that raspberry leaf tea can help relieve canker sores, gum issues, and cold sores.  It's a delicious addition to tea and very easy to grow.

I look forward to seeing your herbal gardens!  There's so much benefit when you think of your food as medicine.  Grow and learn along with me.  Share your experiences in the comments.

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