's about time

Autumn leaves remind us to take time to admire the harvest and to begin slowing down. To take a rest and to breathe in the amazing life and energy of the world around us

The state of the natural world is a lovely metaphor for what is happening in my life right now. The moon has peaked its fullness in the Harvest Moon, and it's slowly releasing the energy of creation into the energy of rest. The seasons are shifting from the summer season of growth to the autumn season of harvest and completion, preparing for the dormancy of winter. The days are growing shorter and the nights longer, suggesting a natural move to less doing and more resting. All of these are clear signs form nature that now is the season of harvest. The season to celebrate and cherish all the results of summer’s work. (I highly recommend this great book to learn more about recognizing the signs of nature at work). It is the time to breathe deeply, to wipe sweat from your brow, and to rest. Even if your harvest (whatever it is that you’ve created thus far) is modest and won’t last through the winter, this shifting season is a strong reminder that it is time to give yourself a break.

My body has let me know that it is time for a break – in very clear, unmistakable language. I’ve been pushing really hard to get my training program ready to launch (watch for it in November), and I’ve been doing some work-related travel which means eating in restaurants that don’t always cater to my dietary needs. I’ve been busy promoting my local classes and writing new ones. So last week, I started getting a lot more joint pain than usual. I have had some soft-tissue pain as well. I am also getting the tell-tale ‘you ate dairy and gluten’ digestive issues. And to top it off, my not-so-good-friend fatigue has come for an extended visit.

Today, I decided that it is time. It is time to give myself a REAL break – not a ‘I’ll go take a lavender bath and get back to work’ break. I need a break where I can listen to my body. A break where I can nourish it with deep awareness and gratitude for the amazing things it does for me.

It is time for a break that truly opens up space to breathe

A busy life keeps you focused on the immediacy of the task in front of you rather than allowing yourself to rest and cherish those things that are more important but less obvious.

Of course, there’s this life problem, right? Life keeps happening at the most inconvenient times. And on top of that, working moms tend to shuffle their own priorities to the bottom of the to-do list. Anyone ever done that? Wow! The sea of raised hands is rather impressive!

This is the part of the article where I’m supposed to offer you some great advice for catching a break while still keeping up with your busy life.

While I don’t have any magic pills, I do have something perhaps more revolutionary. Want to know what it is? Here’s my big secret….and it will make a difference for you, I’m sure.

I understand how you feel. I want you to know that what you are feeling is completely normal, and quite frankly, to be expected.

There are a few things you can do to get a little more nourishment in your day. As all my clients know, the key to healing is to think cumulatively. Little things add up – the good things, and the not-so-good things. I know that you would really enjoy a week long vacation with your every need attended to – sleep as much as you like, enjoy delicious, nourishing food, take quiet walks in nature somewhere. I would enjoy that, too….but back to that life thing….so here’s my ideas for a moment of rest in each day.

  • Find a wonderful vegan restaurant and go have a lovely meal with your partner. I suggest vegan because they tend to be far more aware and accommodating of food sensitivities, and you certainly don’t want to get glutened when you’re trying to rest. But a restaurant that is aware and takes precautions to avoid contamination is just fine.
  • Schedule in 30 minutes to go walking outside. No need to go far. Your neighborhood park or some open space is perfectly fine. Just stand outside and breathe deeply. Feel the strength and abundance of life. Walk barefoot if you like. Close your eyes and let nature fill you. If that's too much, stand outside your front door and breathe in the fresh air for 5 minutes. 
  • Get out a piece of paper and a pen (yes, do it old school) and write down 25 amazing things about your life. Write more if the inspiration strikes. If you prefer, grab my Amazing Things Worksheet and write them there.
  • Make yourself a delicious herbal infusion and sip it slowly, while reading one of those books piled on your nightstand. Bonus points for reading an actual book.

Truly, rest is something you can (and should) make a part of your every day. If you rest a little each day, you don’t get to that breaking point. You don’t hang out on the edge of disaster. You feel spacious. You feel unpressured. You feel relaxed. And that, my friend, is an amazing way to feel.