On recognizing your own strength

Strength is a key part of who you are when you conquer autoimmune disease

Seems odd, doesn’t it? If you have an autoimmune disease, strong isn’t really a word that comes to mind when you describe yourself. You probably use words like ‘tired,’ ‘sick,’ ‘frustrated,’ ‘scared,’ and maybe even ‘hopeless.’ Strong was a word that disappeared from your self-description a while ago. Am I right? Today, I want to encourage you to reinstate this word when you think of yourself. I also have a few others you should consider adopting. Let me explain why.

Strong, as defined by the good Mr. Webster, means (among others) ‘especially able, competent, or powerful in a specific field or respect.’ It also means, ‘of great moral power, firmness, or courage.’ Think about those definitions for a moment. Do you see how they DO apply to you?

Autoimmune disease takes a toll on our bodies. To persevere and continue to offer your all to your family requires great courage and sacrifice. It means that you may not have energy left over for yourself. That is strong character.

Autoimmune disease takes a toll on our sense of self. We feel less capable, less valuable, and less deserving, yet we keep going. We continue going on, fearful of what lies ahead, because we know it is important. That is courage.

Autoimmune disease crushes your soul. It steals your joy. But you smile anyway, and tell people that you’re ‘doing great’ even though you feel like you’ve had a ton of bricks dropped on you. Is that strength? You bet. Most people can depend on their joy as that little bit of motivation to get through the day. You have to reach down deep, pull up whatever you can find, and put on a smile.

My mission is to ensure every mom with an autoimmune disease lives the healthy and energetic life she wants so she can be present for her family in the ways that mean the most to her. A big part of achieving this mission is supporting these moms – body, mind, and soul. This is soul work. This is where you start to realize just how amazing you are – that even though you have this disease and it has changed your life, you’ve adapted, you’re overcoming, and you’re living.

I’m so proud of what you’re doing. So amazed at what you are working through. Inspired by your courage and commitment. If there is something I can do to support you, I invite you to connect with me and talk about what you need to find the healthy, energetic life you want.