There's been a lot of upheaval in my life in the last few weeks, and that's had an impact on my being here on the blog and on social media. You may have seen the recent news reports about NASA embarking on a study to return humans to the moon in the next two years.  Well, during the day, I work on the human spaceflight program called Orion. This program is developing a crew capsule intended for the exploration of space beyond the Earth-Moon system. As you can imagine with these latest studies, plans, and ideas, things have been getting very busy with that work. While nothing has yet been decided, there's certainly a lot of excitement toward the possibilities of our program sending crew out of Earth orbit in the very near future. 

And so, the time I have available to work with clients is reduced. I'll still be working with people on an individual basis, but I will be choosing clients carefully, and my schedule will be much more limited.  I'll be posting less often on my blog, but my social media feed will still continue to report news of interest. I'll pop in and respond when I can. You can still reach me through my contact page, or through facebook. If you're looking for a consult, I suggest that you use either of the methods above to reach out to me and inquire about my availability. I'm going to be updating my pages in the coming weeks to reflect my new consult programs. Also, watch for my popup online forums where I'll be online to answer your questions and give you some quick suggestions. I'll announce these via my email list and on facebook, so make sure you follow me to find out when they're happening!

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