Cooling Summer Spray

A recipe for an herbal, cooling summer spray that soothes irritated, angry, and damaged skin.

The summer heat is upon us, and I’m always looking for something to help me cool off. Summer heat and the bright rays can do a number on sensitive skin. The warm weather and summer vacations call us to spend more time outdoors, and sometimes that can mean painful, angry skin later on. Lotions and oils can help to moisturize, but sometimes have ingredients that are irritating. This spray is easy to make and has soothing, botanical ingredients to calm irritation, soothe painful skin, and cool the heat.

This spray is helpful for anyone with painful skin conditions that come from rosacea, lupus, psoriasis, acne, or even a sunburn. Mix up and keep in the refrigerator for even more cooling power!


1 medium cucumber (organic – cucumbers are #13 on the EWG’s dirty produce list ) 2 oz aloe vera juice 2 oz witch hazel 3 oz filtered water or coconut water for extra moisturizing Other things you need: cheesecloth or straining cloth, 8 oz spray bottle, mixing bowl

To make: Chop cucumber and place in a cheesecloth. Squeeze out juice into mixing bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into spray bottle and shake well.

Keep in refrigerator for up to 1 week.

You can make bigger batches and freeze into cubes to use later if you like – then you aren’t scrambling for ingredients and making a batch while you’re hurting.

To use – spray on irritated skin or wet a cotton cloth and apply as a compress

Here’s some photos of my process. I made a half batch by cutting the ingredients in half.


Squeezing the juice from the cucumbers is pretty challenging. You’ll want to make this spray ahead of time so you aren’t sitting in agony trying to squeeze the cucumber pulp. A potato ricer might make this easier.


I misjudged how much juice I’d get from the cucumber, and ended up overflowing my 4 oz bottle. You might want to choose a larger bottle just in case.


To travel with this spray, freeze it ahead of your trip. Make sure you leave enough room in the bottle for the ice to expand. It’s better if you can remove the straw from your spray bottle and freeze with the top off. That way you won’t break your sprayer in the freezer. When you get to your destination, just put it in the fridge.