I gave up ________; why do I still feel like garbage?


I can’t tell you how often I get asked this question. Usually it happens about a week or two into a diet change, a lifestyle change, or something that was a big deal for someone to change. They are feeling frustrated and concerned that all this work isn’t making any difference for them. They’re feeling like working with me has been a sham and a waste of money and time – that this is no different than what they’re getting from their medical team, only they gave up something they really liked.

The reality is that your body has been making changes and getting better. By making the shifts, you’ve been stopping whatever is causing their pain and tissue damage. Your body has been restoring its ability to absorb nutrients and getting those nutrients into their tissues. The immune system is getting rid of all those sticky proteins that are causing the food intolerance symptoms. Fun fact: did you know it takes 30 to 60 days for gluten to clear your body?

Along with waiting for the antibodies to clear, we’re waiting on your immune system to downshift from red alert. You’re removing the things that are causing you trouble, but your immune system is still worried that there’s more coming any minute. That’s why it takes a few weeks for you to start feeling really noticeable results.

So how long? If you’re tracking your symptoms daily on a scale of 1-10, you’ll start seeing results around week three. Your pain rating will come down one or two levels. If you’re not tracking, and just trying to remember how you felt three weeks ago, then it will take more like six weeks. Most people can’t remember what they had for breakfast three days ago, so trying to remember your pain levels from three weeks ago is pretty difficult.

When you reach that tipping point away from the sickness and pain, what you will notice is that you will start sleeping a little better, waking more refreshed. You’ll stop letting the aches and pains stop you from doing what you want to do (they’ll still be there, but won’t limit you as much). You’ll have better poop habits – the goal, remember, is two to three well formed, soft movements daily. You will have fewer headaches. You will see less bloating and have less gas.

All these things continue to improve, the longer you keep those irritants out of your digestive tract, which means a lot of joy coming your way to reward you for your efforts and patience.

We’re an instant gratification society, and waiting is hard for us. Here is one area where patience will definitely pay off. It took a lifetime to get your body where it is today. It will take a little time to notice that you’ve turned around and are moving toward greater health. Have some tea and enjoy the wait. It will be worth it.

Need a health tracking log to monitor your progress? Grab yours from my Free Resources page. If you’re already a client and you’re struggling with your changes, don’t forget to send me a message. They’re included in your package. Not a client yet but might want to be? Learn more about how to work with me.