Why can't I just eat right?

There has to be a reason why I can't eat right all the time

I know from my own experience, and I hear my clients tell me that making significant change in their life is really hard. You get frustrated that you had a bad day and ate foods you were supposed to avoid, or didn’t take their supplements for a week, or didn’t get enough sleep. You start beating yourself up, saying that you’re never going to get well or that you’re not good enough to work through your Healing Strategy. Sometimes you start feeling frustrated and even depressed, which leads to even more bad choices. And that is the key word – choice.

The beauty of making a bad choice is that it gives you the opportunity to choose again, and again. Each time you choose, you can choose differently.

Being successful with turning around your health means that you continue to make choices that are in your best interest. It means that you choose more often to eat foods that nourish you, to sleep restoratively, and to move in ways that build up your physical body. Notice I didn’t say that you always choose to do the ‘right’ things. I said that you choose more often. That gives you room to be human. It gives you room to be imperfect. It gives you room to give in to impulse.

None of that means that you’re a failure, you’re not good enough, or you’re unworthy of the health you’re pursuing. It simply means that you’re on this journey called life, and you’re the result of your choices. What’s exciting about this is you have all the power to choose – and to stay in choice.

Staying in choice means that you continue to keep in mind the reasons why you are choosing to eat, sleep, and move healthfully. You’re looking for greater health to be able to remain active with your family. You’re looking for greater health to be able to show up in your work and make significant contributions. You’re looking for greater health to be able to feel energetic, alive, and do the things that are important to you. Keeping those reasons in mind helps you make better choices when faced with options related to your health. When you start with knowing why you’re making certain choices, you tend to pause more before acting on impulse. By staying in choice, you have a reason to rely on when you find things getting difficult. You can work through the tough times, recognizing that you made this choice consciously, and the choice is enabling the outcome of improved health.

So remember that you can always choose again. You can choose differently. You can choose better. You can choose to make yourself a better you.

Lisa Akers