Did you hear that whisper?


Your body is saying something.

I talk with a lot of people who tell me that they don’t feel like they have an intuitive sense of what’s going on with their body. They tell me they don’t get any feedback when they make a diet or sleep change. They feel like everything is always the same. It’s frustrating for them, and it can make them feel like they’re an outsider to this world of ‘self-relationship.’

It’s really important to know how your body responds to your environment. This includes the food you eat, beverages you drink, supplements, particles and chemicals in the air, chemicals in clothes you wear, and even in cosmetics and cleaning supplies that get on your skin.

All of these responses give you information on the best way to nourish your body so you can avoid pain, fatigue, bloating, and insomnia (and some other unpleasant side effects like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.)

Many of the things in your environment don’t really affect the way your body feels, and probably don’t catch your attention. Some of them (like a cleaning solution that makes you sneeze) might require a few different exposures before you realize what’s happening. Others give you a clear indication from the first exposure.

Let’s start with a situation I am confident you have either experienced yourself or seen first hand with someone else. Contact dermatitis. It’s an itchy, sometimes burning rash that you get on your skin when you come in contact to a substance that causes an allergic reaction. Some people have contact dermatitis to nickel in jewelry. Others experience it with certain kinds of fragrances or coloring agents. When you get this rash, you immediately stop using whatever it was that caused it. Because it is a quick response and you have a memory of what caused it, you can respond to the rash right away and quiet it down.


You know what that was? Your body sending you a message. Didn’t require any woo. Probably doesn’t sound ‘intuitive,’ does it? Contact dermatitis isn’t so much a whisper as an announcement with authority.

But let’s look at another situation. How about bloating. It’s that feeling you get at the end of the day when your belly is so full your pants don’t fit. Maybe the pudgy tummy that you dislike in your profile image in the mirror. You’ve tried all kinds of things, from weight loss to core exercises, and still you have this pooch.

Would you consider bloating a message? You should. Bloating is a message from your body that the food you’re eating isn’t getting digested and is instead causing inflammation and swelling. Time to look at your diet and reassess. You might not have any other symptoms of food issues, but you’re getting a whisper from your body that if you don’t heed, will soon become louder and more uncomfortable.

You get whispers from your body all day long, but you’ve learned to ignore them or been reassured that it’s ‘perfectly normal.’ Well, they may not be a sign of a serious illness, but they’re just as important. I encourage you to start paying closer attention to the way you feel throughout the day. Maybe set an alarm for three to four different times each day. When it goes off, do a quick scan of your body and notice what’s going on. Write in a journal if you like, or just post a sticky note. Over time, you’ll see patterns that tell you a lot about what your body needs to function at its best.

Learning to hear the whispers from your body is a skill that will serve you well in uncovering the best way to nourish your body. You already know what you need, you just need to listen.

Need some help deciphering the whispers? I can help you understand what your body is saying. Connect with me and we’ll talk about what’s going on for you.