Find your way home

“For we all seem to give our lives away, searching for things that we think we must own. But on this evening, when the year is leaving, we all try to find our way home.”

—Paul O’Neill, John Oliva


Home. So many ways the word home tugs on your heartstrings. It’s the physical place where you hold your belongings and your memories. For some, it’s the place you recall when you think of your childhood. It’s the place where your family and friends gather. It’s the place you go when you want to feel safe, loved, and accepted. The place where you don’t have to pretend or hold back. 

There’s a theme of comfort that runs through all of these ways of describing home. The feeling of a warm hug and a plate of freshly baked cookies. 

And you know what else? Each of these descriptions is about finding comfort in the company of others. 

I know there’s magic in the introvert’s solo retreat, and even the space we run to when there’s no where else to run. There’s always a space where we seek comfort, even if we don’t call that home.

What happens if we add a new description of home? What happens if home is that place in our own souls where we love, accept, and cherish ourselves? Could we imagine a home within ourselves – a place where we feel safe, warm, and loved, that doesn’t depend on what anyone else does or thinks? A place we can go anytime we want and stay as long as we desire. 

It’s not an abandonment of the home we share with others. It’s simply a new place to call home; a place within ourselves where we are always welcome.

The song at the top of this post is a reminder that we all spend our lives pursuing things that demonstrate our value, our worth – attempting to convince others that we’re worthy of their love and acceptance. Yet, in these holiday moments, when we’re reminded of home, we stop chasing the opinions of others and simply cherish the warmth of this place. Sometimes we feel a twinge of guilt and shame because we’ve spent the year chasing things that don’t matter.

Each December when this song starts playing on the radio, I am reminded of how important it is to create our own sense of home in our soul. Because the warmth, love, and acceptance we seek from others is so much more comforting when we find it within ourselves. And only if we stop criticizing, insulting, and rejecting the beautiful soul that lives within us. 

So this season, set up a space called home within your soul. It doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate. A comfy chair with a blanket is all you really need to sit a while and enjoy the safety, comfort, and love you find at home, your home. 


Self RelationshipLisa Akers