Flower Essences - The Magical Part of my Healing Process


Flower essences are a key part of my healing process. I use them myself, and I recommend them to my clients. Anytime I work with a client who is having chronic issues, I look to flower essences as a way to release the emotional ties that keep a person attached to their chronic issues. Have you ever heard the saying “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t?” Well, that’s the same way that our emotional ties can keep us stuck in illness.

There’s a lot of evidence to show how your emotions affect your physical body. I bet you’ve experienced some of them recently. Have you ever been nervous to meet someone new and found your heart beating quickly, maybe your palms moisten, and your breathing speed up? That’s your emotion (anxiety) changing your physical condition. Have you experienced or heard of someone ‘keeping tension in their shoulders?’ It’s an emotion – tension – keeping muscles taut, creating pain and stiffness.

When we have chronic illnesses, we have a lot of emotions. We can have fear, anxiety, dread, anger, depression, and sadness. We can also have happiness, excitement, gratitude, joy, and hope. Each of those emotions ties into our body’s electrical system that tells our muscles and tissues how to behave. Often, chronic illness has chronic emotions tied to it, and they’re typically classified as negative. The body responds to negative emotions by tensing muscles, increasing blood pressure, raising the heart rate, and slowing or stopping digestion. All these things lead to an unpleasant body to live in. You’re tense, anxious, and your digestion is disrupted. We live in that body day in and day out for years at a time. We start to look at these unpleasant conditions as ‘just the way we are’ and ‘part of getting older’ when in fact, they’re signals that we need a new approach.

This is where flower essences come in. Flower essences are different from herbs. A flower essence is an imprint of the electrical signals of the flower. To make them, we take the flowers at the peak of bloom, and infuse them in spring water on a bright, sunny day (or sometimes a full moon). This water is then preserved with a bit of brandy to maintain the energy of the flowers and keep the water from hosting any unwanted microbes.

Flower essences are an electrical road map, a set of directions that help your body’s emotional electric system find its way back to balance. Each flower essence has a distinct energy signature, and when you take them, it can help your body find its way back to balance. The good news is that flower essences only add positive energy to your system, they won’t add negative energy, so the shift will be toward more positive emotions and physical states.

When you take flower essences, the vibration of the flower energy interacts with the electrical system in the body. The body may have lost touch with that particular energy and when it comes back into the system, it triggers an ‘ah-ha!’ moment, opening the pathway for your emotional electrical system to restore balance.

This sounds pretty woo-woo, and perhaps even a bit fantastical. Let me give you an example so you can better understand. Dandelion flower essence is one of my favorites to work with. Dandelions are pretty tenacious plants. They sprout up through cracks in pavement, grow in hard packed soil, and thrive in hot-sun environments that would kill most plants. They know how to survive. Dandelions are also masters of transformation. The bright yellow flower heads transform to a lacy seed globe in just a few days.

As an herb, dandelion is a great supportive herb for the liver, helping to remove the cell waste and food impurities the liver filters out daily. It helps to stimulate digestion and move food through the intestines. It’s rich in indigestible fiber, which helps feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

As a flower essence, dandelion cues the patterns for transformation. If you’re making a big change, or even a small change that feels really difficult or fearful, dandelion flower essence can remind your emotional system that transformation is possible and not so scary. Dandelion also reminds your system to relax – especially that held tension that comes from stress and worry. The dandelion would never thrive in the tight spots it grows if the leaves and stems were held rigid. Dandelion flower essence gently reminds your body to not hold your muscles tight. As a detoxifier, dandelion flower essence reminds your body of the fastest, clearest path for eliminating waste.

The cool thing about flower essences is that they don’t contain any active ingredients. They won’t interact with any medications or conditions (unless you have a problem with the alcohol in the brandy). Flower essences are simply energy maps.

Using the flower essences is really a great addition to my work with clients who struggle with the challenges of autoimmune disease. They always help to improve emotional states, and that has the result of untangling the emotional mess that we often find ourselves in – allowing the freedom and energy of good health to flow freely in our systems.

I admit that there's a lot of unproven science around flower essences. There are studies that suggest they are helpful, and studies that show they’re no better than placebo. You can do your own research into these studies and accept what makes the most sense for you. For me, I use flower essences because they work. They’re the gentle nudge to your system that helps your body remember the carefree, happy days when you weren’t saddled with responsibilities and expectations. Flowers are the way plants display their beauty to the world, and, if nothing else, we can all use a bit more beauty in our lives.