Lab tests I recommend


When I work with a client, I sometimes need some additional information beyond their description of their symptoms and the conversation we have during our Health Assessment. I'll often ask clients to send me their latest lab tests, or suggest they go get some lab work done. A good bit of information can be assessed from basic lab tests. I always start with these basic tests:

Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential - great for determining fuel  and oxygen status, as well as glucose metabolism

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - for determining liver function, digestive strength, and kidney function

Vitamin D - to assess vitamin D status

If it makes sense for a client's particular situation, I'd look at:

Thyroid Panel with TSH plus Free T3 and Free T4 - if the client is showing signs of hyperthyroid or hypothyroid conditions

Vitamin B12 - if there is a concern about dietary intake

Serum Iron with Ferritin - to assess for iron deficient anemia

DNA Sequencing from and Analysis at Promethease - to assess genetic variations related to chronic disease and nutrient processing

All these tests are interpreted using functional ranges, rather than the laboratory standard ranges. By narrowing the focus of what's considered 'normal,' I can determine if a client is moving in a direction of goodness or if she is sliding away from optimal values.

From these results, I can suggest specialized tests and analysis that will narrow down the potential strategies and help us get to an ideal result as quickly as possible.

It's not necessary to go through your doctor to get lab work done. Of course, if you decide to get lab work done on your own, it is unlikely your insurance will cover the expense. I offer lab testing at my cost as a service to my clients. If you need lab testing, you can order common tests from me online, or I can order other tests with a quick discussion. Order your lab tests online or send me a note and let me know what other labs you want.