There's a lot of information out there about health and wellness. I've got a lot of information about it here, too

I understand feeling overwhelmed, unsure, and afraid. I'd like to help you find your way around and get to the information that means the most to you right now. 

Here's the best places to start:

Case Studies (1).png

Case Studies

My case studies are summaries of how I've worked with other people to resolve their key health challenges. These detailed studies will give you an idea of the kinds of work I do and how working with me might look. Every case is different, and I approach each client as a unique person, with their own personal challenges. 

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Free Resources

Here's where you can experience me with no commitment. Watch my webinars, find out how well your treatment strategy is working, and sign up for my newsletter to hear about upcoming events and special news.

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About me

I believe that you should know the people you ask for health advice. You should feel like they know what they're doing and have enough knowledge to offer good advice. So here's my story.