"This was such an incredible experience. I am walking away with this sense of being heard and appreciated. My doctor, who I really like, actually made me a bit mad by ignoring something I felt was important. After this call, I feel empowered and educated and able to take positive steps toward improving my health."

"The information you're sharing is
giving me the 'why' I feel this way and making me feel less crazy. It also  helps me explain my situation to  others, and that helps a lot."

Jackie Moore


"You were right about my genetics  being an issue. Now that I've  changed my supplements, I'm doing great! You're a genius!! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom."

Bryn Rath

“Working with Lisa was the key to  treating my Hashimoto's. She's great at uncovering the things even my  doctors overlooked.”

Stefanie Martin

"I was at the end of my options. My  doctor didn't know as much about my disease as I did. Lisa was able to  look at my labs, listen to my story,  and figured out that my diet was making my muscle weakness worse. With a small shift in what I eat, I'm having  no weakness at all. "

Mary Anderson