Are you ready to overcome burnout and stop being exhausted all the time?

You're looking for a way to feel better again. Life seems to be dragging you down and you just can't do what you want to do. You feel sick, but no one takes you seriously. You try and push through the days, and at the end, you collapse in bed for a night of restless tossing and turning, only to start the next day further behind and more tired and sick than ever.

People look at you and don't see anything unusual. They see a tired, busy person - and aren't we all tired and busy? They roll their eyes in frustration over your 'sickness' and decide that you're unreliable and flaky. Invitations and social events stop appearing in your inbox. Your friends and family drift away. 

You know it's more than that.

You know that there's something not right and you want someone to help you find it. You're quite capable of doing the work and making the shifts, if you just knew which way to go. If you only knew what steps to take next. 

I'm totally with you. I get it. I have been there, too. I know there's answers for you, and I know how to find them. So let's talk. 

I know that you are tired and busy, so I've tried to make it easy for you. I created three ways you can work with me. See if one of these lights you up.


A holistic look at your standard blood tests - CBC, metabolic panel, thyroid panel

A personalized lab review is perfect if:

  • you want to find the secrets hidden in your results, even if they all fall in the 'normal' range.
  • you're looking for insights into what might be going on before you start a new health program.
  • you're looking to evaluate how well your health program is working.

A single call to discuss a particular health concern in detail.

Single sessions are perfect if:

  • you're curious about what it's like to work with an herbalist. You'll get actionable steps you can take to improve your health concerns right away.
  • you've worked with me before and need a follow up.
  • you're wanting to learn more about herbal remedies, understand a health concern in greater detail, or just get another opinion.

An in-depth look at your health concerns, with a detailed healing strategy and follow up.

A Health Strategy session is perfect if:

  • you're struggling with chronic or long-term health concerns and you want a new strategy
  • you've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and aren't sure how to manage.
  • you're feeling exhausted, achy, bloated, and irritated all the time and want to make it stop.


I'm Lisa Akers. I’m a spaceship builder, an herbalist, and an English major. It might seem that I’ve had a hard time making up my mind what I wanted to be when I grew up. But here’s the awesome part about that. I understand complex systems like rockets and the human body, I understand how different plant chemicals and nutrients affect the body, and I am an expert communicator.

My superpower is explaining complex systems in a way that makes sense.

  • This was such an incredible experience. I am walking away with this sense of being heard and appreciated. My doctor, who I really like, actually made me a bit mad by ignoring something I felt was important. After this call, I feel empowered and educated and able to take positive steps toward improving my health.
    — Debbie Chisholm, Lighthouse Spiritual Center
  • Working with Lisa was the key to treating my Hashimoto's. She's great at uncovering the things even my doctors overlooked.
    — Stefanie Martin
  • The information you're sharing is giving me the 'why' I feel this way and making me feel less crazy. It also helps me explain my situation to others, and that helps a lot.
    — Jackie Moore
  • I was at the end of my options. My doctor didn't know as much about my disease as I did. Lisa was able to look at my labs, listen to my story, and figured out that my diet was making my muscle weakness worse. With a small shift in what I eat, I'm having no weakness at all
    — Mary Anderson